Nostalgia Atlas

This project is a translation of the feeling nostalgia into a visual atlas. The phenomenon of nostalgia is based on the reflection of events which took place in the past. And most of the times associated with pleasurable emotions. The feeling of nostalgia has a very strong connection with memory, associations and objects. These objects give access to lost memories and proof reality. The presence of the object corresponds with the presence of the past. During the last five years I changed several places, including my country. At some point memories became less and less sharp and got new interpretations and connotations. The border between true and false almost disappeared, some memories achieved the point where they were enriched with new details or have gotten lost. With the attempt to translate nostalgia through objects into an atlas I depicted all jewelry which was given to me by friends, relatives, lovers and those who I don’t remember or have never known.


"Nostalgia Atlas"

"аврал/overal" group exhibition,
Butchers-Tears, Amsterdam 2013