To join the opening please follow @lilialand on Instagram.
And join the Live stream on Saturday, 14th November at 14:00 (CET).

Dear friends,

On Saturday, 14th November I will host an online opening of the 'Hortus' exhibition in the private setting of my atelier in Amsterdam.

The Hortus project is an open investigation into the nature of seemingly common objects through ‘Floriography’, urban gardens, and the history of female rights. The Hortus was inspired by urban gardens in West Amsterdam and created with its plants. The ‘Hortus’ is referring to the multifaceted roles of flowers discovered with Floriography, cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers.

I choose to work with mirrors because of their nature. Although a reflection seems accurate, things never appear in a mirror as they are. It’s always a distorted image. In my layered photographs, mirrors correspond to multiple meanings of known objects. I am also fascinated with the multiple social-historical roles of flowers. For example, botany was one of the first subjects women were allowed to study in universities in the 19th century. In my photographs, Lilia constructs a visual maze, which provides various visual possibilities. As history provides several perspectives to look at the same things.

The 'Hortus’ exhibition will be streamed live on my Instagram account. During the opening, I will give an artist talk, present photographs & installations, and give a tour around my studio. To join the opening please follow @lilialand and join on Saturday, 14th November at 14:00.