The paper crane (Tcuru) is an origami figure which has meaning derived from a myth. The one who folds a thousand of cranes will be granted with a wish by a crane, – ancient Japanese legend says. For one of my projects I asked strangers - from a website where they broadcast their life online 24×7 - to send me their portraits. Strange enough, some men sent me pictures where they were naked, though I didn’t ask for that. Surprised by the quantity of images where men posed naked, I started to collect these photographs adding similar images randomly found on the web.

Both of the gestures – constructing a paper crane and photographing yourself naked and then sharing pictures- are ritual. Both of them are rather simple and intimate actions, and at the same time they stress the importance of the moment of creation. In this project, I study a ritual transformation of a brutal and an obscene meaning of anonymous pictures into a myth.








"Tcuru" /video/ 13 min


300 origami cranes


"аврал/overal" group exhibition,
Chetvert', Saint-Petersburg, Russia